The CMIT (Club des marketeurs de la tech), presented its trophies for the martech 2020 start-up competition during an evening dedicated to innovation on Thursday 19 November.  

This year, PITCHBOY won the first Platinum award. Our conversational simulation solution, which revolutionizes the customer experience in its relationship with the brand and its ambassadors, the salespeople, stood out. KMTX won the Gold award and Hubstairs the Silver award.  

Founded in 2003, the CMIT brings together more than one hundred members around mainly BtoB concerns. The Club promotes the value and contribution of the marketing and communication professions within its ecosystem. It activates the circulation of ideas and knowledge, notably through conferences and the exchange of best practices.

Organised with the support of partners such as Tech in France, Le Journal Du Net, Digital CMO, Emarketing and Epoka, the Martech Trophies are also an opportunity to remind people that the sector is in full swing and that future nuggets are emerging. The finalists defended their candidacies in front of a jury made up of marketing and communication directors from the tech industry, press representatives and investors such as Apple, Dassault Systèmes, Emarketing, HPE, IBM, Lexmark, MMMedia, Oracle, Spie Ics and Veritas.