We are proud to announce that PITCHBOY is now Qualiopi certified, attesting to the quality of the process we implement to help develop skills. It is the recognition of our quality approach implemented since almost two years.

The quality certification was issued for the following categories of actions: training actions

Who issues the Qualiopi certification?

These organizations are registered on the Ministry of Labor's list of certifying organizations and are accredited by COFRAC to deliver the QUALIOPI certification.
In the case of PITCHBOY, it has been delivered by the ICPF, a certifying body since 1995. TheICPF acts exclusively in the training and consulting sector. It has been involved in standardization in professional training since its creation. It is a member of the AFNOR " Professional Training" standardization committee. It participates in the design of French and international standards for professional training.

What are the criteria on which Qualiopi certification is based?

The Qualiopi mark is based on an analysis of the approaches and resources implemented. The audit is based on a set of 7 criteria, broken down into 22 indicators that apply to all service providers (common core), plus 10 specific indicators (for certification training, apprenticeship, etc.).

1. The conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the time limits for accessing them and the results obtained.

2. The precise identification of the objectives of the services offered and the adaptation of these services to the beneficiaries, when designing the services.

3. The adaptation of the services and the reception, support, monitoring and evaluation methods implemented to the beneficiaries.

4. The adequacy of the teaching, technical and supervisory resources for the services provided.

5. The qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the personnel responsible for implementing the services.

6. The inclusion and investment of the provider in his professional environment.

7. Collecting and taking into account the assessments and complaints made by the parties involved in the services provided.

Why choose a Qualiopi certified training organisation?

Qualiopi certification is a guarantee of trust and recognised proof of the quality and professionalism of the training organisation.
This certification enables the training to be financed by public or mutual funds.