Language is the most natural system of communication for humans. It allows us to make ourselves understood, to organize ourselves and to influence our environment. When used poorly or awkwardly, it can have a serious impact. "Language is a source of misunderstandings" warned Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in The Little Prince. This is why PITCHBOY has chosen to focus its attention on its analysis, its implementation and its enhancement. So that language becomes an ally and an opportunity for those who use it.

Convinced of the relevance of PITCHBOY's work, Socios proposes here to present the work of this young company with strong growth, anchored in a market in full mutation, that of training.

"We are convinced that to train employees in a truly effective way, you need three things:1. The first is to be able to reproduce an environment as close to the real thing as possible. We achieve this through virtual reality and 360° video, which allows you to be immersed in an existing place: a store, an office, a theater... 2. Secondly, the employee needs to be put in a situation in front of a physical person (who is not a 3D avatar) representing: his typical customer, his manager, his employee... This is what we call the "personae". It also needs to be staged in a context that is the one for which it must train. Where PITCHBOY will offer a unique experience is that the employee, throughout his immersion, will be invited to express himself in a free and natural way. There will be no multiple choice questions, just their voice. Everything he says, the way he expresses himself and asks his questions, will be analyzed and will lead to a reaction, an answer, a question from his interlocutor.3. Finally, the third element, which we believe is necessary, is to give the employee autonomy. To allow them to move forward at their own pace, to make mistakes, not to be judged or afraid of how others will look at them. Homeric de Sarthe, President of PITCHBOY

PITCHBOY uses virtual reality tools to immerse the learner in existing and realistic situations and interactions. Facing customers for example, the learner takes part in this virtual world and acts directly through his behavior and language. And in order to generate positive experiences, each employee is free to choose the sessions he or she wishes, at the time he or she wishes, to test himself or herself, identify errors and correct them, progressively

In order to be as close as possible to real-life situations and to build relevant "personae", PITCHBOY and Socios have combined their respective know-how to combine the demands of training with the accuracy of Human Sciences and thus to offer a unique service on the training market.

"When you add Socios' expertise to the realism of the video, the personality and emotions of the virtual interlocutor (who is an actor who has been filmed), the result is a striking and effective situation, which allows a real emotional anchoring. Homeric de Sarthe, president of PITCHBOY