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Adopt conversational simulations to engage your employees and develop their skills.

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What is a conversational experience?

An immersive and interactive situation where the user expresses himself naturally with a filmed or recorded interlocutor.


Immerse your employees in ultra-realistic work situations, in 360°, in video or audio (radio or telephone conversation type).


Provide interactive experiences! The user speaks naturally, is understood by the technology and then receives an appropriate response.


Experiences are available on any device: computer, smartphone, tablet, even virtual reality headset. Both synchronous and asynchronous. 

Immersive learning in a few figures.

x 4
of attention
÷ 4
Memory time
x 3,75
Emotional Anchoring©.
x 4
Level of attention
÷ 4
Memory time
x 3,75
Emotional Anchoring©.

The no-code creation tool

The freedom to create unique conversational experiences

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Confirming the evaluation
Conversational AI, without coding

With a simple and intuitive interface, our tool allows you to use voice recognition for your training, onboarding, recruiting, awareness-raising, etc., without coding. Writing scenarios is made easy to highlight your know-how and your pedagogical expertise.

A personalized accompaniment

Our team of experts will guide you through the use of conversational intelligence technology and help you develop your first scenarios. 

You have two ways to create these conversational experiences

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In full autonomy

Training organizations, academies, trainers and designers, take control of PITCHBOY technology and create immersive and interactive conversational experiences on your own!

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With our Studio

Training managers, HR managers, you want to complete your current tools but you prefer to delegate. Our studio can help you develop custom conversational experiences.


Technical integration

PITCHBOY integrates perfectly with your existing tools

One of the success factors of this collaboration is the project management behind it.

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Xavier Voilquin

Training Operations Leader EMEA
at Medtronic

The most striking memory is the co-construction, we were really accompanied by the team to work on the scenarios and to co-construct a tool in the image of what we wanted to do with it, i.e. easily accessible to the public.

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Stéphanie Hullot

Head of the Competence Centre
at CDG Alliance

The fluidity of the simulation, the embodiment of the client and the Teams dressing make this situation very realistic. It is concrete and close to the needs of the field.

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Vincent Picot

Head of new uses
digital at BNP Paribas

Honestly I don't do it often but I wanted to take my hat off to you for this work which is more than promising! The rendering is excellent and I can't wait to see what happens next. Our employees will finally have an integration worthy of their work!

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Jonathan Goldfarb

Recruitment & training Director at Franprix

After looking at possible partners in the bespoke virtual reality training market, we were directed by Learning Tribes to Pitchboy, as together they made the difference on several criteria: The relevant use of natural language speech recognition and artificial intelligence to make the learning experience a realistic and individualised one, whilst allowing calibrated feedback on performance and progress. A high level of technology control while maintaining flexibility with regard to the available user equipment. And finally, the quality of the production and rendering.

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Julien Ricard

Former educational manager
at Bouygues Telecom

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